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The projects I have developed for many countries, especially Turkey, America, England, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, are listed below. These projects include primarily Web Design, Mobile application interface designs, Corporate identity, Illustration, E-mail templates, Business Cards, Brochures, Logo and Icon designs, CMS Installations and developments, Back-end Developments, System configurations and Technical support services.The preview links are reproduced versions of pure HTML files.

Most of the works listed below are licensed under the name Onur Boz, Boz, Boz Works. The rest are prepared on behalf of the end user for various agencies. The content and images are purely for promotional purposes and their original owners are the relevant individuals and institutions, and their copyright policies will apply.

  1. Development of Bilgeweb's website.

    Developed in 2019

  2. Development of Akçakoca Yapı Malzemeleri's website.

    Developed in 2012

  3. Development of Akınlar Volvo's website.

    Developed in 2010

  4. Development of Taze Sıkma's website.

    Developed in 2017

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